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The Avatars Battle Results

This section of my site is dedicated to the resulsts of my warhammer games over the past.

24th April 1998

I played a 2000 point battle against a brettonian army and won by 8 victory points (if you include morgiana le fay as 4 v.p.'s from dieing from a spell hehe:)). The highlights were using the rebound to bounce back the change into toad spell used by the enemies morgiana to change her into a toad!!!(In this battle we modified the rules for the rebound card). But all due credit goes to my enemie in that battle (Raffe) as at the beginning it looked quite grim for the glorious WE.

I will be changing the battle reports soon to be much more detailed but due to not much time, it will have to be done later. I will also soon add the results from the perilous quest campagn i played. This will be updated all the time so come bak soon!! :)