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Welcome to my Wood Elves Page!!

A Little About My (The Avatars) Army.

Well I have been playing warhammer for about a year now and as you can see the Wood Elves are my army of choice. My favourite sized battles I would have to saw are about 500 points. This may seem quite small but I assure you they RULE!!

Whats in my army!

Currently I have 1 General on an elven steed, 3 mages (1 on foot, 1 on an elven steed and 1 on a warhawk), Orion, Skaw The Falconier, An archer Champion, A Treeman, 8 Waywatchers, 8 Scouts, 10 archers, 5 Glade Riders, 9 Wardancers and A Great Eagle.

History of The Wood Elves.

The Wood Elves are one of the most ancient races in the old-world. They came to be in the aftermath of the war of the beard between the High Elves and the Dwarves. After the war the part of the land that it was fought in (currently called Brettonia) was all but destroyed so both the races decided that they would leave but a small number of the High Elves were very fond of the un-touched forest to the west called Athel Loren, so they decided to live there amongst the trees. So they set off to the forest and were never seen again by the rest of the High Elves who travelled back to their homeland Ulthuan. Over time the High Elves who had moved to the forest slowly away from High Elven tradition and creating their own. They gained a great respect for the forest, animals, plants and all living things. They developed their own magic of the forest enabling them to train trees to grow into any shape the mage willed it to and call animals and befriend them with the greatest of ease. They also became great bowmen making their bows from the branches of the finest trees. They developed methods of tracking as such they could track a wolf from footsteps many weeks old. They also befriended many of the strange creatures already living in the forest such as the strange dryad, the fearsome treeman, the terrifying forest dragon and the great eagle. The Wood Elves still live in the forests lead by their demi-god King and Queen, Orion and Ariel.

My Linx

This site is still under construction so I hope to have a painting and tactics section soon! :)